Brandy Tree

I recently purchased my first Lusomé nightgown at the beginning of January when I saw you were having a sale, but honestly I didn't see how they could make that much of a difference. I have medical issues, which as a result cause frequent and severe night sweats. I've suffered through these for years. Waking in middle of the night sometimes several times to find not only my pajamas are soaking wet but my sheets and bedding as well. Instead of waking my husband to change out the bedding, I just grab some extra blankets and put those down, change my pajamas and go back to bed hoping I don't wake again during the night. Since I started wearing my Lusomé nightgown to bed I'm amazed at how well they actually do work! The only time I have had any issues are with the areas of my body that aren't covered by nightgown; hence my additional purchases. I am now a customer for life.