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Ultra soft, comfortable and good looking leggings!

I love how soft these leggings feel and they look and fit great! I can go outside with them if I need to because they look like regular leggings. And I can lounge in them all day in snuggly comfort!

Haedy Sleepshirt
Viola Wiley
Sleeping has been fine

No real change as I had been using Lusome.

About the same

I am more comfortable as I don’t have to change my night wear as it doesn’t stay wet against my skin,

I love the silky feeling in this garment. It is my new favourite night gown!

Serena Crop Pant
Shelley Skaley
Fantastic ~ not wet!

Have been sleeping in my first set of sleepwear for almost 1 month now, and have not woken up wet once! What a relief! I have ordered 2 more pairs. Thank you!

I love my nightgowns….I now have 4!

Still wishing for other colors!

I think the person who gave a one star review actually thought they were giving 5 stars based on what her words in the review are saying. This is unfair to those selling the product to have a one star review when it was clearly not intended.

Donna Shirt
a picky mask consumer
quality product that really keeps you cool and comfortable.

better sleep!

better night sleep atleast i am not drenched when i do wake up

one review said it had pockets but my sets do not . not sure if they we’re suppose to?

very soft pj…i now have my favourite
thank you

Gabriela Nightie
Sherri McAndless
I love sleeping in the soft material. It feels like silk.

Absolutely love this nightie! So soft and silky feeling.

Ginger Cami
Shelley Skaley

Fantasic ~ not wet!

Donna Pant
Laura Eplett

these jammies are definitely good at moisture wicking-love them for that. i find the sizing a little wonky-im 5’6 and wear a size 12 and the large pant was very big while the large top was small around the chest. The other issue is that after a few washings they get nubbly and look abit ratty! BUT they do deliver on cooling which is quite amazing! -this is my second pair…

Holiday Gabriela Nightie
Karla Kowalishen
Better, because I am not dripping from perspiration.

Although the Lusome sleep shirt still does get damp from perspiration, I am not dripping wet, which makes for a more comfortable sleep because I'm not waking up from being soaked and chilled.

Donna Pant Denim Mix
Jonathon Luther Horsman

Donna Pant Denim Mix


KI am not sure but I feel both pretty and comfortable in my new nightie. It is my favourite 🤩

Much better, feeling cooler & less restless

I have never slept so well in my life!

Since I was introduced to Lusomé, I can't stop buying! They work so well and are ridiculously soft! I wear them, my daughter wears them, my mom wears them, and my mother-in-law wears them. (Oh, btw mom, sissy, other mom, best friend, lady down the're all getting these for Christmas!)

Gabriela Nightie
Laura Frost

I love this mighty. Soft and cosy in winter

Cara Short
Lise Jolicoeur

I may still get hot flashes but don’t need to change in the middle of the night any longer!


Very comfortable

Sarah Tee Extended Sizing
mary-anne payne

Sleeping through the night and not waking up soaking wet

My sleep has improved as the night sweats are not waking me up as much as they were before.

I love the fabric of this nightie. Very soft and comfortable. It is helping to keep me cool at night and I’m getting a better sleep despite the night sweats. I ordered a XL, which provides a nice comfy looser fit, which I prefer.

Anna Short Sale
Katelyn MacLeod
Sleeping has been much better than before Lusome

No more tossing and turning trying to stay cool. Very comfortable!

Gabriela Nightie
Charlene Obrien
Sleeping so much cooler

I love my new nighties. They keep me so much coller at night. No sweat drenched nighties anymore.

Sleeping has been greatly improved

Love the product, keeps me cooler and the material is soft